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Give two reasons why console A is suitable for portable gaming (2)
• Hand-held/small/light • Has a built-in display/don’t need a separate screen • Glasses not needed for 3D display • Controls/controller built-in / no other equipment needed • Uses battery power • Does not use a disc drive /disc •No wires
Give two ways of connecting a peripheral device to a console (2)
• Bluetooth • WiFi / wireless • USB / serial cable / Firewire / Thunderbolt • Infrared / IrDA • Line in / Line out / minijack / headphone socket/plug • AV cable/ composite/ RCA/ RGB/ SCART/VGA etc • HDMI
 State two benefitd of using this type of controller (wireless motion-sensitive) (2)
• Can play anywhere in the room  • Easy to set up / add more remotes / fewer cables to connect/tangle • Allows users to play new types of game • Enhances the user experience/more immersive  • People more likely to play / easier to play/ intuitive interface • Users may get more exercise • Health and safety issue e.g. RSI/tripping hazard •More interactive
Explain why wireless motion-sensitive controller might not be suitable gfor someone with a physical disability (2)
• Individuals may have restricted, slow movement / difficulty holding things (1): • then will make it difficult to communicate with console (1) • spoiling / at a disadvantage / making it difficult to play the game (1)

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Explain why she should be concerned (data to be dsisposed of) (2)
If data is not (properly) deleted / destroyed / overwritten (1) the data could be recovered (1) other people could access her personal data / files (1) could misuse her data (e.g. identity theft) (1
State one way this method improves the security of her account (1)
• It prevents a website logging key presses • Only some of the PIN is requested  / numbers requested from the PIN change  • The asterisks prevent the PIN number being viewed
State one advantage and one disadvantage of downloading the game (2)
Advantages – any one from: • May be able to get a free trial / try before you buy • Don’t have to wait for delivery / leave the house • Will load faster than from DVD / don’t need to put the DVD in to play the game / won’t lose disc • (May be) cheaper • Less clutter from packaging / more environmentally friendly • Receive the latest version / automatic updates
Disadvantages – any one from: • Need (more) space on Hard Drive /console • DRM – may only be able to play the game on one console / not sell on / would have to take console to friends to play • May take a long time to download / Internet connection may not be suitable Lack of physical product

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Rini is asked to enter her postcode. State why the website does this (1)
• To locate the nearest restaurant branch • To find out if there is a restaurant in her area • To calculate delivery time/cost
Give one reason why companies provide mobile versions of their website (1)
• Loads quicker / Faster download service (for customers) • Format more appropriate for smaller screens / easier to use/view/navigate site  • Some normal web content will not work on mobile devices • Access wider customer base / customers can access website when ‘out and about’
Give two advantages to rini and her friends of ordering pizza online (2)
• Don’t have to go out / wait in line • May get discounts/deals when ordering online • Can track order • Site may remember previous orders / Faster ordering process e.g. don’t have to explain order on phone • May get rewards from third party sites • Less chance of order being wrong / confused order / customer checks order • Can see ratings from previous customers • Ability to compare prices
State the technogoly that the navigation aid uses (1)
GPS / Global Positioning System / Global Positioning

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Give one benefit and drawback of using a navigation aid (2)
Benefits (any one from) • Less chance of getting lost / easier to find destination / shorter travel time • Highlights points of interest e.g. petrol station • Less chance of being distracted e.g. looking at maps • Audio / verbal instructions / tells you where to go • Reduces number of miles driven / saves petrol • Reduces chance of accident in unknown areas • Can be used as hands free for mobile phone • Can get traffic updates / recalculates routes • Gives journey time / distance / route • Shows current location / position / where you are
Drawbacks (any one from) • Might be a distraction whilst driving • Can become too reliant / Does not always offer best route • Increased chance of car theft if on view • Might not use up-to-date maps • Signal can be lost / interference
Explain how pizza town might use the info users give to them (3)
• Pizza Town can easily track buying habits of customers (1) to offer rewards/discounts to loyal customers (1) which will make the customer more likely to return (1)  OR • Pizza Town can use /(sell) the data collected to personalise (1) the ordering experience for customers making recommendations based on previous orders (1) meaning customers may be more likely to buy (1) use data to target marketing (1) OR • Pizza Town can store details such as payment method / address (1) to speed up ordering process for customers (1) which will make the customer more likely to come back / order again (1)

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Describe what is meant by streaming (2)
The ability to access/view/listen to content ‘live’ /instantly/in real time/on demand (1) whilst it is being sent to/downloaded to the computer (1)
Give one reason why this may be happening and suggest a solution (buffering) (2)
Reason Solution May have more than one device /program using the internet (1) other devices /programs need to be switched off / closed / removed from network (1)
May not have enough bandwidth / poor connection(1) would need to get a better internet connection / change ISP (1)
Poor wireless signal strength / interference (1) Move closer to router / use a wired connection (1)
May not have enough bandwidth for quality of video/ poor connection (1) change video quality (1)
Too many users on the same internet connection (1) so would need to get a better internet connection / change ISP (1)
Too many users using the same stream / server (1) Switch to another stream (1)
Computer performance / Lack of RAM / Software performance (1) Change settings of computer / add more RAM / change software settings (1)

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Give two social benefits of playing games onliune (2)
• Allows interaction with those elsewhere / develops friendships / new friends / improves interpersonal/communication skills • Greater satisfaction/challenge against human players / can find suitable level of challenge • Can work as a group to solve problems • Develop leadership skills in team
Explain the impact of latency and bandwidth on their obnline gaming expereince (3)
The available bandwidth impacts upon the volume of data downloaded (1) and the latency determines the speed of the data (1). If either the bandwidth is too low (1) or latency is too high (1) the game will lag/run slow / picture will be poor etc (1).
 Give one effect on health of spending too much time playing computer games. Identify one action that could be taken to avoid it (2)
Effect Action
Eye strain / Headaches-Take regular breaks / adjust lighting/  adjust screen brightness/position
Muscle strain / stiffness-Take regular breaks / check seating position / use a chair / move to a different seat / move monitor
RSI-Take regular breaks / use ergonomic equipment / change controller
Poor/reduce fitness-Take more exercise / play more active games

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Describe what is meant by social bookmarking (2)
A way for internet users to store bookmarks online (1) which can then be shared with other users (1)
State two other features of social networking sites (2)
• Find / add friends • Communicate with other users / instant message service / comment on others posts  • Organise events / calendar • Upload/share resources such as images / videos etc. • Share personal information e.g. location, age, gender etc./ geotagging • Share interests • Play games / view movies / listen to music •Advertising
State one reason why this might not be a good idea (to allow anyine to view profile) (1)
• Identity theft • Loss of privacy • May leave him vulnerable to cyber-bullying / predatory internet users

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Many 12-15 year olds have access to the internet which can't be supervisded bny an adult. Discuss the problems this might cause (6)
• Access to adult / inappropriate content • Access to gambling sites • Internet addiction • Health effects of excessive use of internet / computer • Spending time playing games / chatting / surfing the net instead of school work / socialising • May develop inappropriate relationships with older people / predators • Downloading illegal content such as movies / games • Downloading and installing software such as viruses / Trojans / toolbars etc. • Threat of cyber-bullying / harassment • Giving away private details such as address etc.

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Discuss the impact on society of the widespread use of social networks (6)
• Business use for marketing purposes – personalised advertising etc. • Can easily organise events with large following / awareness - users can now communicate on a global scale • Used to easily connect people with similar interests / skills (e.g. for protest/jobs/shared goals/terrorism) • People gain ideas/opinions about products / services from others – e.g. Product recommendation • Use of feeds and updates -  users can now more easily follow interests e.g. pop star, brands – reduces need for advertising • Used by media – gives instant and up to date access to events / news / news finds the user • Used to organise protest / revolution / social change – can quickly  gain large awareness of issues • Use in re-engaging communities / community groups – e.g. governments using social networking tools to engage with younger audiences • Used by criminals – private information being freely given out by users • Used to catch criminals – e.g. monitoring of otherwise private information • Used by educational organisations to connect students and enable discussion • Work/life balance – brings personal life into work • People becoming involved in more virtual than real-life worlds – lack of true engagement e.g. ‘liking’ a campaign does not actual involve any effort. • Lack of ‘true’ socialising  

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