Journeys End:Themes


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The colonel is like the messenger and is considered an outsider by the company,so when Osborne dies, he highlights how important this death is to Osborne's close comrades.

"splendid Stanhope! We've got all we wanted, 20 wurtembergers!"

Hardy shows a tackless relationship with the other offices because he is relieved to be leaving the trench and says..

" then- I think you will get it-right in the neck"

This further higlights the tightness of the other characters.


Masons humour shown throughout the play is to used to boost the moral of the soldiers.

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Osborne shows great kindness to Raleigh by helping him settle in and understand how to get by in the trenches.Osborne explains to Raleigh the hours of duty and also that...

"the men never get undressed in the line"

Osborne trys to make Raleigh feel at home and comfort him by telling him..

"The officers call me Uncle" and "I expect you find it abit strange"

Osborne also shows comradeship when Hardy accuses Stanhope of being a drunk.Osborne defends Stanhope for being a good soldier and serving for a long time having to cope with nerves and neuralgia.

Stanhope also shows comradeship towards Hibbert. He does this by telling Hibbert that he too suffers from neuralgia to make him feel better that he is not the only one suffering, and that they can support each other.



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Osborne: " I wish we had a good hot bath waiting for us when we get back"

Stanhope: " We must ecpect the attack any time up till midday."

Hardy: " You keep yourself in by hanging your arms and legs over the sides... or the rats knaw your boots."

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Paul Dutton


A useful set of notes on the important themes in the text.

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