Journeys End

Points on character within the play

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'I can't imagine the end of 6 days here'

  • Cruel irony
  • Horrors of war

(hastily) (self consciously) (laughs nervously)

  • He's nervous and uncertain
  • He wants to please the other men.

'I only left school at the end of last summer term'

  • Poignant
  • Playwright may want us to recall this later on in the play.
  • Horrors of war- shows how young some of the men were..


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Raleigh con.



'So-damn-silly-getting hit'

  • he feels guilty to leave the other men fighting, even though he is badly injured
  • heroism and comradship

'You don't think dennis'll mind my-sort-of-forcing myself into his company?'             ' I never thought of that; i was so keen'

  • Sense of for-boding
  • naive- only now does he think of Stanhopes feelings.

'Good God! Don't you understand? How can I sit down and eat that-when- when Osbornes-lying-out there-'

  • Felt close to Osborne
  • Shows he is human and young
  • We empathises with him



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Raleigh con.

'It seems-uncanny. It makes me feel we're- we're all just waiting for something'

  • Foreshadowing death
  • Horrors of War.

' and why the sea is boiling hot- and whether pigs have wings'

  • Thinks about a surreal world of Alice in wonderland. To think about something far from the war.
  • Horrors of war
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' I reckon the boche are all ready waiting for it...'                                                       'And even then our fellers 'ad to make  the raid. It was murder'

  • Very Blunt 
  • Does think before he speaks.

'I never 'ad a motor car'

  • He represents those of a lower class- the poor, less wealthy soldier who obtained a higher rank due to changes in society and belief.
  • different manner of speech

' I envy you nothing seems to upset you, does it?' (Osborne says to trotter)

  • he just seems to cope with anything and always sees the positives.


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' Short and fat companion...put on weight during his service...His tunic appears to be on the verge of bursting at the waist'

'What a lovely smell of bacon'

'I haven't had my apricots yet... I never knew anything like a war for upsetting meals.'

  • Trotter loves food
  • He arguably uses it as a comfort through the war.
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  • Hibbert is a secondary character.
  • He symbolises all the man who couldn't cope.

' I'm afraid i can't stick it any longer'

  • the reader feels both empathy for Hibbert, but also sees him as a coward-especailly when compared to Stanhope.

' Stanhope- if you only knew how awful i feel- Please do let me go by'

  • Hibbert is a foil to Stanhope, without Hibbert we would fail to understand Stanhope bravery.


  • An outcast of the company, sometimes never really feels comfortable in the trenches.
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  • He uses neuralgia to arguably help him to be released from war.

'It's this beastly neuralgia'

He can cause division between an audience, over whether he's a coward or not.

Stanhope describes him as ' Another little worm trying to wriggle home... pure bloody funk'

Theme of cowardice is mainly linked to Hibbert during this play, therefore we arguably may feel empathy for him and the other stronger characters such as stanhope.

He is put into the play as a comparison to stanhope. It helps the audience to appreciate stanhope's bravery.

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  • Brave-Osborne dies when he tok part in the raid, dies for his country.


  • Trustworthy- Stanhope often confides in Osborne about his feelings and how he's being effected by the war.


  • Friendly- 'think of it all as romantic, it helps'

  • Loyal- Stands up for Stanhope about his drinking problems to hardy at the start of the play. ' He's a long way the best company commander we've got.'  ' It rather reminds you of bear baiting- or **** fighting- to sit and watch a boy drink himself unconscious'
  • Reliable
  • Caring-' you'll find the other officers call me 'uncle''


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  • Supportive
  • Wise- ' It rather reminds you of bear baiting- or **** fighting- to sit and watch a boy drink himself unconscious'


  • Experienced
  • Good officer/solider
  • Uncle figure-' you'll find the other officers call me 'uncle''


  • Tactful- he doesn't just tell Raleigh that Stanhopes an alcoholic, he says ' you mustn't expect to find him-quite the same'


  • Older-' iron grey hair'- one of the first things Raleigh notices about about
  • Strong- 'Physically as hard as nails'
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' Catch me wasting my time with sleep'

  • he's very hard working

' Theres not a man left who was here when I came'

  • Horrors of War
  • Prepares the audience for the likeness of death.

'we'll wire ourselves right in. If this attack comes, i'm not going to trust the companies on our sides to hold their ground'

  • Stanhope is Fastidious and careful to get things done.
  • Like things done his way
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Osborne desrcibes him as:

'he's a fine company commander'

' Stanhope's experience alone makes him worth a dozen men'

  • His company respect him
  • The audience learn that he's a good character who cares about his men.
  • he places his duty and the good of the company above all else.


Raleigh hero worships Stanhope, this shows us that Stanhope os a man worthy of admiration.

  • heroism


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His experiences at war have affected him...

' Although tanned by months in the open air, there is a pallor under his skin and dark shadows under his eyes'

Stanhope uses drinking to cope with the horrors of war, within other companies he is know for his drinking

Hardy says 'How is the dear young boy? Drinking like a fish, as usual?' 

  • Horrors of war 
  • coping methods for war


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Stanhope wishes to protect Madge ( girlfriend at home) from the truth about his drinking.

'She doesn't know that if i went up those steps into the front line- without being doped with whisky- I'd go mad with fright'


Raleigh being Madges sister makes it hard for Stanhope, so when Raleigh write a letter home, Stanhope becomes very worried his secret from madge will be let out.

' You know! you know he'll write and tell her i reek of whisky allday'

' imagine yourself in my place- a letter going away from here- from that boy'

  • This shows stanhopes suffering from paranoia
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