Joseph Chamberlain


Colonial Secretary

  • Salisbury's Colonial Secretary
  • Defected from the Liberals over Home Rule for Ireland in 1886
  • Chamberlain's vision = responsible for the fashion of Imperialism 
  • Believed that the way to overcome Britain's economic problems was to build up existing colonies and expand into new territory
  • Increasing trade opportunities = more jobs and less unemployment 
  • Chamberlain encouraged joint-stock companies to invest in underdeveloped areas of empire
  • Organised government loans to finance irrigation projects and railways
  • Organised a Colonial Conference in 1897 
  • Expressed his desire to establish an empire customs union
  • This was not a success but many of his other policies were 
  • In tune with public opinion of the day 
  • Inspired a sense of  British pride and confidence in their empire
  • Salisbury allowed Chamberlain considerable freedom with Imperial issues 
  • He oversaw the final conquest of the Sudan in 1898, the expansion in China and the involvement of Britain in the Boer War from 1899 to 1902 
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