Job Roles-Catering

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The group on chefs in a kitchen:

• Head chef- Person in charge of kitchen, responsible for all chefs

• Sous chef-(second chef) second in command, after head

• Pastry chef(patissier) prepares pastries and desserts

• Larder  chef-(grade manager) – responsible for cold foods e.g. salads and dressings

• Sauce chef- (saucier) prepares sauces

• Vegetable chef-(entremetier) prepares vegetables, soups, starches and eggs

• Assistant chef-(commis) helps in all areas of the kitchen-doing easier tasks.

• The kitchen porter-cleans up after the chefs, does washing up and carries goods to and from the store

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Food and drink service

The restaurant manager-  in charge of restaurant

The head waiter/ess- is second in charge of the restaurant

The wine waiter/ess- is responsible for helping guests to select wine.

The wait staff- Serve the customers, clear the tables and check if the customer is satisfied.

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