Job Roles in the Kitchen

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Head chef

Depending on the size of the establishment, there may only be one chef with a kitchen porter to help, or there may be a whole brigade of chefs.

The Head chef is the person who is in charge of the kitchen. In a larger establishment this chef has the title of 'executive head chef', because they are the manager who is responsible for all aspects of food production, including menu planning, purchasing/checking the orders for quantity and quality, costing, planning work schedules, health,safety &hygiene, the training of staff and hiring and firing the employees. Because of this, executive chefs spend more time in an office planning rather than actually working in the kitchen. 

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Sous Chef

Sous Chef is the second in charge therefore is directly in charge of food production. This is because the executive chef has responsibilities in an office so the sous chef takes command of the actual production and the minute-by- minute supervision of the staff.To be a sous chef or head chef you have to have many years of experience in the kitchen. 

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Pastry Chef

The pastry chef is also known as the 'Le Patissier' who is in charge of preparing the pastries and desserts.

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Larder Chef

The larder chef is also known as 'Le garde manager' who is responsible for cold foods, including salads and dressings, pâtés, cold hors d'oeuvres and buffet items.

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Sauce chef

The sauce chef is also known as 'Saucier' who is responsible for preparing sauces, stews, hot hors d'oeuvres, and sautés food to order. This is usually the highest position of all stations.

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Vegetable Chef

The vegetable chef is also known as ' l'entremetier' who prepares vegetables, soups, starches and eggs.

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Assistant chef

The assistant chef is also known as a 'Commis chef' who helps in all areas of the kitchen, usually doing the easier tasks. A commis chef may be completing the basic training to become a chef.

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Kitchen Porters

A kitchen porter cleans up after the chefs, does the washing up and carries goods to and from the store.

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