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on order for ict hardware to operate it needs two types of software: system software and application software.

applications software is software that allows the comouter to beapplied to a particular problem

systems software is any computer that manages and controls the hardware thus allowing the application software to do a useful job. system software is a set of programs which instruct the hardware what to do .

operating systens- is to allow the application software to interact with the computer hardware.

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command line

command line driven interface - where you have to type in commands in a certain language for the computer to do something.


  • quicker on some instanses it is quicker to type in a commmand lane rather than using the mouse etc


  • very diffiuclt for users to use you have to learn the structure of commands 
  • have to remember instructions it is hard to remeber the instructions/commands you need to do a particular task.
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graphical user interface GUI

GUI'S are populare because instead of typing in commands you just have to click on them 

main features of GUI's

  • windows- the screen is divded into areas called windwos this is useful if you want o do severa task at once
  • icons - these are small pictures used to represent commands
  • menu- allow user to make seletion from list


  • no language needed
  • easiers to use a mouse
  • use of icons


  • more memory is needed
  • increased processing requirements
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file management

file management software is provided as part of the systems software:

  • file/folder organisation - used to create folders, copy folders etc
  • backup copy - used for the taking of backup foro security purposes
  • file compression- used to compress files before storing or being sent over a netwirk
  • defragmentation - used to tidy up the surface of magnetic hard drive so that files can be accessed and read more quickly by the operationg system.
  • file recovery- used to recover deleted / damaged files
  • uninstallers - software used to remove all the files put onto the computer when a piece of software was installed.
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peripherals are input devices e.g printers, scanner etc

each peripheral device need a software to work with called peripheral drivers. so it needs driver software to be installed.

peripher drivers:

  • provide communiocation between operating systems/applications software and the peripheral device.
  • convert instructions from the software into a form the peripheral device can understand.
  • enable the peropheral device to work with other applications and opertationg systems
  • produce error messges

peripheral driver are installed straight away when the peripheral is plugged in or you ca  install them using a disk, or from the internet.

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health and saftey

main health problem that may occue in ivct systems are

  • back ache
  • rsi
  • eye strain
  • stess

back ache - use adjustable chair, sit up straight, make sure screen is lined up and tilted at appropriate angle.

RSI - adjust chsir, document holder, wrist rest, learn how to type properly, use and ergnomic mouse/ keyboar

eyestrain - keep the screen clean, use appropriate lighting, regular eye test, dont sit too near to the screen.

stress - the pace of work, worrying about new technology, software that is fustriting to use because it has been designed baldy, losing work.

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