Jewish beliefs


Beliefs about G-d

  • G-d is omnipotent - all powerful
  • G-d is omnscient - knows all
  • G-d is omnipresent - everywhere
  • G-d is the creator
  • G-d is a law giver  - 613 mitzvot
  • G-d is a judge - every Yom Kippur and after death
  • G-d gave man free will and will judge on how he uses it.
  • G-d is a sustainor - keeps the world going, provides foods which we must share
  • G-d is the redeemer - saviour. saved Jews form Egypt and will redeem them permanently when mashiach arrives
  • G-d created people in 'His image and likeness' - with a part of Him
  • G-d is benevolent - all laws are for our good
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