Jesus and service

Jesus and service

Describe the Story:-

  • James and John asked to sit next to Jesus’ throne in the Kingdom of heaven.
  • Jesus explained that he did not have the right to decide this.
  • Jesus taught his disciples that they must serve others to be considered great by God.


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Jesus and service

Explain how the problems of discipleship are shown in Jesus and service.

  • Disciples must be prepared to face persecution for helping others
    • “Can you drink the cup of suffering that I must drink?”
  • Even among disciples there can be resentment and jealousy. Jesus reprimands them for this.
  • Jesus says that the Son of Man came to give his life and serve others, so disciples have to follow Jesus’ example and do the same.
  • Service to others is a cost of discipleship. To follow Jesus, they must be prepared to serve others.
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Jesus and service

Assess what this account means for Christians today :-

  • It is not high profile do-gooders who impress God, but the people who quietly show concern, and help others.
  • It shows disciples that Jesus will judge his followers differently. In God’s world it is the servant, not the master who is most important.
  • Rewards for those who reach the Kingdom of Heaven will be great for those who gave things up to help others on earth. Jesus and God are one person, so why can God chose who enters heaven and not Jesus?
  • In this story Jesus says that you have to give things up to enter heaven. However Christian teaching states that Christians will get into heaven if they repent their sins.
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