Jerome Robbins/West Side Story - Choreographic Style

  • Movement style embraces key themes
  • Sharp, quick dynamics, and large, whole body actions give impression of athletic masculine movement
  • These are performed by both the jets and the sharks, which emphasises their agressive street gang culture
  • Choreographically Robbins uses lots of Unison with different facing and charaterisation through gesture
  • The individualisation add complexity to the dance action
  • Unison aids the idea of gang community and convey violence even when its not explitity shown. This is seen clearly in the opening Jet Song and in the Dance in the Gym.
  • Themes are shown in specific movement style. Americans - female dancers - use of skirts, flemenco style movement vocab
  • The use of Jazz based movements clear in WWS - isolated body actions, use of rhythum, high extension in legs, fully stretched arms, quick changes in dynamics and syncopated actions are all inherent in the work
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Jerome Robbins/WWS Choreographic Style

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