Jekyll and Hyde - Structure


Jekyll and Hyde - Structure

  • Written like a legal document mystery - heightens tension
  • Chapter titles written like doctor's notes
  • Characters tell story in their own voice
  • Dialogue and written testimonies create illusion of reality
  • Written in 3rd person narrative so reader has same clues and questions as characters
  • Testimonies in 1st person narrartive gives different perspective - shows emotion and bias - epistolary form
  • Lanyon - "Moral turpitude that man unveiled to me" Jekyll - "I felt younger, lighter, happier in body"
  • "Moral turpitude" - criminal law phrase
  • Dialogue is important, Utterson learns everything through conversations eg. door, girl trampled, Hyde
  • Long sentences raise suspense
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Jkyll and Hyde - Duality

  • Utterson is contradictory - has money = "austere" "last good influence on the lives of downgoing men" = judges Hyde immediately "cold" = "lovable" trusted as lawyer = "Jekyll spoke about you"
  • Contextually London had 2 sides
  • Jekyll's house has back and front door - key is metaphor for transormation
  • Jekyll's house - "high" "handsome" = "decayed" "shady"
  • Lanyon vs Jekyll scientific perspectives "unscientific balderdash"
  • Jekyll - "handsome", well respected- his friends are "judges of good wine", intelligent, "kindness", "sincere", "warm"
  • Hyde - repetition of something makes him sound alien, "hisses", "growls", "small", "nightmarish", "ape-like fury", "deformed", "satan", never properly described - heightens suspense, "no face"
  • "My original and better self... my second and worse"
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Jekyll and Hyde - Secrecy

  • "veil", "mantle", "mask"
  • Characters keep secrets to maintain reputations - Lanyon won't say why him and Jekyll have fallen out, why are Enfield and Carew walking through at night
  • Utterson to Poole when Jekyll is dead - "I would say nothing of this paper...we may at least save his credit"
  • "Fog lay heavy" appears when there are secrets
  • "We see very little of him on this side of the house" - windows and doors are a symbol of portal
  • "I will not enter deeply into this scientific branch of my confession" - Jekyll at end
  • Violence against girl is kept secret - payed off
  • "grew very pale to the lips" - wants to keep Hyde a secret, gets scared
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Jekyll and Hyde - Good and Evil

  • "good and ill, divide and compound man's dual nature"
  • Jekyll - "handsome", well respected - his friends are "judges of good wine" intelligent, "kindness", "sincere", "warm"
  • Hyde - repetition of something makes him sound alien, "hisses", "growls", "small", "nightmarish", "ape-like fury", "deformed", "satan" nover properly described - heightens suspense, "no face
  • People believed appearance refected personality
  • Maid - "evil face" but "manners were excellent"
  • London "busy quater of London" = "decayed", "shady"
  • Hyde's house has no windows
  • Minor characters - Carew out at night?
  • "Large handsome face of Dr. Jekyll grew pale to the very lips, and there came a blackness about his eyes" - mention of Hyde
  • Story always set in Winter or Autumn
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Jekyll and Hyde - Christian views

  • Charles Darwin - many opposed his scientific views (Lanyon vs Jekyll)
  • Hude associated with "Hell" and "Satan" - shows no mercy
  • Jekyll refers to Hyde as "the spirit of Hyde" and "my devil"
  • "Until the clock of the neighbouring church rang" - Utterson plans his schedule around church bells
  • "Juggernaut" - derived from Hindy God Krishna - evil entity/symbol of all religions
  • "fallen upon his knees and lifted his clasped hands to God" - Jekyll turning to God for redemption (chap. 10)
  • Temptation like the devil - Hyde tempting Jekyll "the animal within me, licking the chops of my memory"
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Mr Utterson

  • Position as a lawyer in his group of friends gives him authority
  • "cold" = "lovable"
  • has money = "austere"
  • "last good influence on the lives of downgoing men" = judges Hyde immediately
  • tusted as a lawyer = "Jekyll spoke about you"
  • Outspoken - "I can't pretend that I shall ever like him"
  • Curious - investigates Hyde "If he shall be Mr Hyde, I shall be Mr Seek"
  • His contradictory nature suggest balance and lack of bias
  • Not always honest - "I would say nothing of this paper... we may at least save his credit"
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Minor Characters

  • Enfield - secrecy, why was he out at night? Provides inforation about door
  • Poole - respectful, gives Utterson information about Jekyll's behaviour
  • Mr Guest - amateur expert in handwriting, notices similarity between Hyde's and Jekyll's writing
  • Hyde's housekeeper - "smoothed by hypocrisy" and "excellent manners" - not normal "silvery haired old woman" - witchy
  • The maidservant - "romantically given" - language of her testimony creates strong contrast between innocent victim and evil murderer
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