Jeff Buckley- Grace

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Genral Information

  • Born in California his dad Tim was a jazz-folk musician
  • Written in 1994
  • Excellent example of how to arrange a simple idea. No attempt at smooth transition from modal to major section ( just a sustained chords link)
  • Lyrics are supposed to be based on a dream Jeff had about a girl crying to a boy at an airport not wanting him to leave. Also clearly about death which fascinated Buckley.
  • Verse Chorus Formis used.
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  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Jeff: Guitar & Vocals
  • Synthasiser
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  • 4 Large Sections, each one with smaller sub sections

1= Intro (A & B)- verse 1 Pre chorus - Chorus

2=Link ( A & B)- Verse 2 - Pre Chorus - Chorus

3=Middle 8/ Bridge (A & B)

4= Link (A & B) - Verse 3 Outro

(Link & Intro are same with two distinct parts - A and B)

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These look complex, sound crunchy at times, but are simple to play on the guitar (only 3 in total)

(Power Chord= Root note + Perfect 5th and Drone = Repeat of Sustained Note)

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Use Technology

  • Modulation on Synth at Start
  • Distortion and flanging on Guitar in Coda
  • Overdubbing on Guitar parts , and vocal parts in the bridge adds texture
  • EQ in final verse removes lower frequencies in Buckley;s Voice
  • Flange is used on the electric guiatar only at the end
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  • E Minor but Often move and becomes ambiguous
  • Unusual harmony for a rock song (Chds 1 ,4 & 5 avoided) as many chords are chromatic and dissonant
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Melody and Word Setting

  • Vocal Part had an improvised quality to it with a wide range of 2 octaves
  • Most Vocal phrases fall, in keeping with melancholic mood
  • Lots of ornamentation with glissandos
  • Mostly Syllabic (One note per syllabul) with melismas to accent particluar words ie. Love in verse 1
  • Brideg has passage of vocalisation (wordless Singing) Incorporating Falsetto (high pitch)
  • His Bleak outlook on love in shown word painting (portamento)

- Verse 1 - 'cries' falls like a crying sound                                                                                             

-Bridge - 'pain' and 'leave' are high pitch and sound fraught

- Verse 3 - 'slow' is set to a long note

-Coda- thick texture built up for 'drown my name'

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Rhythm and metre

  • 12/8
  • Bass drum beats 1 & 3 with on 2 and 4 (backbeats)
  • Lots of syncopation and cross rhythms
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