the different areas of jazz and their featues

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pre jazz era

southern states of USA

after absoluation of slavery

influenced by afro- amercian

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rag time

literally means ragged time

syncapted meoldy agaisnt regular bass

piano music

simple funstional harmoney and regular cadences

LH vamp pattern in duple time- LH leaps become wider (stride bass)

single notes or 8ves on th beat

structure influenced by march 4x16

AABBCCDD- c section usually in sub dominant rags end in v key

short introductions sometimes in unison

4 bar links between the sections

passing chromatics in melody

harmoney is decorated

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traditional jazz

associated with area round new orleans


mardi gras, festivals and funerals

early pieces instruments palyed soem emldy line hetrophonic with piano as a harmonic support

pieces consisted of improvised variations of themes and thier harmonies

theme is often a jazz standard

pieces are rarely notated aural tradition

harmoney complexity increases with time based on classic blues sequence

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