Japanese invasion of Manchuria

These cards explain how the invason of Manchuria came about and why it was a failure for the League.

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Reasons why Japan invaded

  • There was not enough land to grow food for the growing population.
  • The Depression had damaged international trade, so sales declined and the country lost money.
  • This meant that it could not buy important raw materials such as coal, oil, rubber and iron.
  • The Japanese felt entitled to China as it had liberated colonies under German rule but had had to give them back after the war.
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The Leagues's response

*The League condemned Japan's actions and ordered it to withdraw its troops out of Manchuria. The government agreed, but the Japanese military refused.

*The League requested a Lytton report to be drawn up. However, it took almost a year to do so. When the report came out it declared that Japan was the aggressor and it should leave.

*The League did not wish to impose sanctions because they feared it would further damage international trade.

*Britan and France were unwilling to send in troops all the way to Asia and risk starting a war.

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