Japan Earthquake/Tsunami, 11th March 2011

Physical and Human Impacts of the earthquake that struck Japan in 2011, causing the secondary hazard, tsunami

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Quick Facts

Date: 11th March 2011.

Location: North east coast of Japan (250 miles from Tokyo).  M.E.D.C

Tsunami Location: Sendai.

Magnitude:8.9 and lasted 6 minutes.

Aftershocks: at least 124 greater than 5 magnitude.

Death toll: 18,000

Economic damage: $250 billion to $309 billion

Physical Cause: Thrust faulting on or near the subduction zone- The Ocean Pacific Plate subducted the Eurasian Plate. 

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Physical Impacts

  • Tsunami reached 6 miles inland
  • Nuclear explosion at the Fukishima power plant damaged by floods
  • Fires in the capital and oil refinery ablaze near Tokyo.
  • Flooding
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Secondary Impacts

  • Death toll:18,000
  • 2,000 people injured
  • Damage to infrastructure with roads, rails, power and ports were wiped. This proved difficult for relief. 
  • People missing
  • Homelessness
  • Houses wiped out by the tsunami. 4,700 destroyed and 50,000 damaged
  • Economic damage to fishing ports
  • Cars, rains and boats floating causing damage
  • Disease
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Tertiary Impacts

  • Disruption to education
  • Local shops running out of goods
  • Hospitals deprived of aid
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Japan was prepared for the earthquake but the unexpected tsunami caused major issues

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  • 91 countries have offered aid, from blankets and food to search dogs and military transport.
  • A British rescue team has arrived in Japan to join the search for survivors of the earthquake and tsunami.
  • Several charities, including Save the Children UK, British Red Cross and World Vision UK, are asking for donations.
  • due to damaged roads and rails, aid was being transported via air or sea transport
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