Italian Link Expressions

Expressions in Italian

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All'inizio- At the beginning

Prima di tutto- Fist of all

Poi- Next

Alla fine- At the end

Durante- During

E cosi- And so

Sebbene- Although

In Questo Modo- In this way

Oppure- Or else/opposite

Dunque/Quindi- So/Therefore

Perció- Therefore

Di consequenza- As a result/consequently

In questo modo- In this way

inoltre- Besides

Da un lato... ma dall'altro (lato)- In one way... but in the other (way)

Il motivo per cui... é che...- The reason for why... is...

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Joining Expressions/Linking words

Naturalmente- Of course

Anche- Also

Certamente- Certainly

Indubbiamente- Of course

Senza dubbio- Without a doubt

Forse- Perhaps

Comunque- However

Eppure- And yet

Mentre- While/whereas

A proposito- By the way

Invece- Instead

In ogni caso- In every case

Infatti- In fact

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Qualche volta- Sometimes

Generalmente- Generaly

Di solito- Usualy

Ogni tanto- Every so often

Giá- Already

Raremente- Rarely

Quasi mai- Almost never

In conclusione- In conclusion

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Creado che- I believe that

Sono sicuro/a che- I'm sure that

Penso che- I think that

So che- I know that

Sono convinto/a- I'm convinced

Al mio parere- In my opinion

Second me- In my opinion

Anch'io- Me too

Neach'io- Me neither

Questo/a dipende- It depends

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