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1. what year was the Data Protection act introduce


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2. what year was the Data Protection act ammended?


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3. True (t) or false (f)? The Data Protection act


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Gaming lag can be caused by a high latency and low


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Can a controller be plugged into a PC?


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Which has better graphical capabilities? A games c

High end PC

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Which colour would the address bar turn if a page


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What icon should appear if a page is secure?


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what would be special about the URL of a secure pa

It would be HTTPS

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Is a keypad a function or a feature of a mobile ph


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What is the worst thing about having a mobile phon

Details stored on it could be stolen and used

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Name some wireless connections




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A phone that has many functions such as internet browsing, gaming and email as well as generic phone functions such as texting and voice chat

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Multifunctional Phone

A phone with multiple functions

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The unit used for graphical resolution, it is 1,048,576 pixels

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A unit of memory which is 1024 kilobytes

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A large unit of memory made up of 1024 megabytes

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The third smallest measurement of memory, it is 1024 bytes in size

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The amount of memory most desktop computers have, it is 1024 gigabytes in size

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The number given to a display to show how many pixels it can show, for example 1280 by 1024

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Peripheral Device

Something that can be connected to a main device for example a microphone plugged into a computer

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Cloud computing

Using the internet to save data such as documents or game save files

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A device used to measure the acceleration of an object, used in phones to switch off if it falls

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a system through which a device can be tracked, used in satellite navigation and tagging on photos.

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A high speed wired connection that can produce high definition video and sound

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A device used to measure something physical to transfer it to digital data and utilise a function in a device.

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Wireless charging

Something that allows devices to be charged via electromagnetic fields rather than wires.

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Internet message access protocol, allows multiple devices to receive emails but requires a constant internet connection

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Post Office Protocol, allows a device to receive emails and access emails without an internet connection but only on one device.

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Voice over IP. It allows voice data to be sent over the internet

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Online application

Any application that uses a web browser as a client.

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the data protection act, make companies protect their employees' and customers' data at all costs

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Credit card

A plastic card with a chip that allows the user to borrow money from the bank and pay back at a later date

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Debit card

A plastic card that has a chip, it allows the user to draw funds from a bank account

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An online service that allows users to pay using online funds usually added from a bank account, it is quicker and easier that a credit or debit card, it only works online

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Transactional Data

Data collected from a person's online activities that can be changed

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WiFi direct

A wireless connection between two devices other than infrared or bluetooth that does not need a router.

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Wireless Fidelity, a wireless connection to the internet via a router.

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Social Networking

Online messaging and status sharing

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Privacy Policy

A company's policy about how a customer's data is handled

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Online Shopping

Buyig goods online

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Auctions sites

Sites like ebay that allow people to bid for items

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Text messaging

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Image messaging over phones

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Scrambling data and rearranging it at the other end with a key, PIN or password

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