IT cards.

Operating Systems & Interfaces

Enables all other software to run. It is the first piece of software to be installed.
e.g. Windows, Linux, MAC OS, UNIX, MS DOS 

Controls all input and output from the computer, therefore allowing it to communicate with the user. Also manages memory and system performance.

GUI - Graphical User Interface

WIMP - Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointer. Any interface with WIMP is a GUI.

GUI are easy for beginners and have good help facilities, but they need a large amount of RAM and hard disk space.

Command Line needs less memory and only a monochrome monitor, but has a difficult language to learn (typos won't work) and it's not visually appealing.

Menu-driven has no mosue or icons, but does have windows and menus. It is easy to use (no difficult commands) but it can take a long time to do what you want to do, and sometimes the menus take up the entire screen. 

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