Issues associated with the growth of touism

  • Social benefits and problems
  • Economic benefits and problems
  • Environmental benefits and problems
  • Political benefits and problems
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Social Issues


  • Improved education to meet tourist needs
  • Development of foreign language skills
  • Improved health services
  • Traditional cultures preserved
  • Restrictive cultures made more liberal
  • Introduces new ideas and expectations


  • Moral corruption - taking advantage of tourists
  • Increased inequalities
  • Loss of traditional culture, language and values
  • Cultural colonialism, e.g. McDonalds, Starbucks etc
  • Alteration of demographic
  • Displacement of local population
  • Loss of living, e.g. second homes 
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Economic Issues - benefits

  • Employment created
  • Increased investment in infrastructure
  • Increased demand for local produce
  • demand for craft industries
  • Earns foreign currency
  • Can reduce rural-urban migration
  • Growth poles and multiplier effect can lead to development
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Economic issues - problems

  • Increased imports and rise in prices e.g. food, land
  • Increased commercial agriculture
  • Leakage of profits
  • Loss of locally owned land
  • Low paid, seasonal part-time and menial jobs
  • Drain on money, power and resources from locals
  • Urban coastal sprawl
  • Traffic congestion - more difficult to get work
  • Over-dependence on tourism
  • Increased foreign debt - high interest payments
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Environmental issues


  • Encourages conservation
  • Encourages control of pollution
  • Encourages coastal and river protection
  • Search for and development of new resources e.g. water


  • Destruction of natural habitats
  • Pollution
  • Water problems
  • Resource depletion
  • Soil erosion
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Political issues


  • Opens up governments to new ideas
  • Government backing for major international events such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup


  • Political unrest as new ideas threaten the status quo
  • The perceived greater likelihood of terrorist attacks in certain destinations
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