Details of the Islamic Mosque

Importance of Mosque


A mosque is a building set aside for worship. Arabic name: masjid

  • Can take many forms, large and small
  • often arrows at stations pointing to direction of mosque
  • The place doesn't matter
  • First mosque built around Prophet's family house
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Importance of a Mosque

1. Why is a mosque important?

2. What form can a mosque take?

3.What was the first mosque?

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Visiting a Mosque

Before entering a mosque, Muslims take off their shoes and perform a ritual washing.

1. The interior gives a sense of peace, air and space

2.Dome represents universe and enables immam's voice to be heard clearly

3. No furniture or seats, just carpeting to kneel on. Lined design helps worshippers to form rows, all pointing to Makka (Mecca)

4. No pictures or statues, or representations of God

5. No one has a special place: ALL ARE EQUAL

6. Men and women are separated: different entrances & rooms

&.Exterior: courtyard, dome, minaret

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