Irish history

Britain and Ireland 1867-1922:

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What was the Irish Question- LAND

1870- Gladstones 1st Land Act:

  • Compensation made to tenants for making improvements to their land
  • BRIGHT CLAUSES- 5% interest, tenants allowed to borrow up to 2/3rds of price


  • lacked prevention against EVICTION
  • landlords would change leases so they didn't agree with the Land Act (leases for more than 31 years not preotected by act)
  • Few farmers took advantage of Bright Clauses- too poor


  • SYMBOLLIC- gov. intervention in the Irish Land Issue
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What was the Irish Question- LAND

1879- The Irish National Land League & Michael Davitt:

  • MD= his family was evicted
  • interested in radical Irish politics- joined IRB
  • involved in 1867 Chester Castle raid
  • imprisoned in Dartmoor after convicted gun running

National Land League---- AIM:

  • wanted the REDISTRIBUTION of land and the best means was no violence
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What was the Irish Question- LAND

1879/80: Land War in Ireland- TACTICS:

  • Rally all elements of the nationalist movement
  • posters, campaign rallies and slogans also with the implicit threat of violence
  • Parnell suggested= withold rents and farms where evictions took place were left empty
  • Those LANDLORDS who continued to evict were at best ignored at worst subjected to violence and even assassinations= LORD MOUNTMORRES


  • Captain Boycott= English Landlord
  • served notices to tenants on Lord Erne's estate
  • Local community= encouraged all of his servants and workers to leave
  • RESULT= orangemen volunteered to help harvest, Boycott and family left Ireland
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What was the Irish quesrion- LAND

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