Investigation Questions

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Investigation Question Answer Method

- Identify the dependant variable and decide how you'll measure it.

- Identify the indenpendat variable

- Name 2 other variables and say how you will keep them the same.

- Choose a specific number (of animals, humans, plants etc) for your investigation.

- Decide how long the investigation will last and describe the experiment fully.

- Repeat your investigation and state the number of times you would do this.

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Investigation Question Example Answer

E.g.  Design an investigation to see if keeping chickens indoors makes them lay more eggs. 

- My dependant variable would be how many eggs the chickens lay and i would measure it by counting them.

- The independant variable would be to keep one group of chickens indoord and another one outdoors.

- I would you the same species of chickens and have both groups on the same diet.

- I would choose 20 chickens for each group.

- I would keep one group of chickens indoors and another one outdoors and after 1 month I would count how many eggs each grouped layed and compare it.

- Repeat the experiment 10 times  to increase the reliabilty of the results.

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