Introduction to Psychology 2


Introduction to Psychology 2

Developmental Psychology

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Introduction to Psychology 2





Giving advice

Observational research


Protection of participants

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Introduction to Psychology 2

Ethical issues – Bandura Bobo doll.

There was no debrief at the end

The consent was from the nursery not the parents

The experiment could affect the children long term

The equipment, e.g. dart guns and mallets could have caused harm to the children

Children weren’t allowed to withdraw from the experiment


The experiment was confidential as the children who took part weren’t named

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Introduction to Psychology 2

Ethical Issues – Gibson and Walk Depth Perception

The experiment caused some of the toddlers to become quite upset protection of pps

The toddlers were too young to know they could withdraw from the study


No-one got physically hurt

The parents gave consent which is valid as the toddlers were under 16

The experiment was kept confidential as the identities of the participants remain anonymous

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