Intro to SIB

Intro to SIB

SMART Hypothesis: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely 

Consider when measuring: Interval spacing, Number of intervals, size of the intervention. 

Have to control for variation e.g. Repeat observations, Power calculations, Match controls e.g. age/gender/breed. 

To test the difference between marathon runners and sprinters we could test ratio of slow v.s. fast twitch muscle fibres, vo2 or blood chemistry. 

Members of a species are not all the same. Induviduals compete for resources. Species are adapted to their environment. Induviduals most adapated are more likely to survive and pass their traits on. 

Induction- Theory- Deduction- Empiricism 

Observation spectrum: Cannot see, Do not notice, See but do not attach meaning, See and recognise significance. 

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