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• Alternative method to asking questions

• Face-to-face nature

• Useful for more detailed answers

• More natural and flexible approach

• Procedure standardised

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Advantages and Disadvantages


• Detailed info can be obtained quantitative

• Allows interviewees support meaning and significance of the info

• Allows P to express themselves freely

• May encourage P to be honest in answers


• Statistical analysis is difficult

• More time consuming compared to questionnaires

• Increased risk on investigator effect

• Social desirability

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Designing an Interview

1. Select topic and participants

2. Structure, semi-structure, unstructured + REASONS

3. Write some topic qu’s

a. Even if unstructured

b. Training of interviewer – depend on structured or unstructured

4. Select appropriate, similar interviewers for interviewees

5. Choose setting

a. Relaxed – more valid

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Designing an Interview Continued...

6. Pilot 

a. checking qu’s ok

b. interviewer ok

c. check recording equipment ok –video = best –verbal and non-verbal info, pauses hesitations, tone of voice

d. Amend if needs be

7. Do it

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