International Relations

Appeasement: Giving Germany what they wanted to prevent war from happpening again.

Chamberlain belived in Appeasement.

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Sudetenland - Appeasement

Sudetenland: main example of appeasment.

12-13 sep 1938- Hitler encourages Konran Henlein (leader of nazis in sudetenland) to rebel and demand union with Germany.

15 sep 1938- Chammberlain visits Berchtesgaden, and offers Hitler the areas with more than 50% of Germans living there. Hitler agrees and Chamberlain gets france to also agree.

22-23 sep 1938- Chamberlain goes to Bad Godesburg, to tell Hitler his decision, though now Hitler demands ALL of the Sudtenland, Chamberlain REFUSES! it looks like war.

30 sep 1938- Chamberlain, Hitler, France and Italy, sign the Munich agreement. Stating Hitler will get all of the Sudtenland, and will not go to war. 

The British were happy with this agreement, and Chamberlain and Hitler were welcomed as heros.

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