International conservation and restoring degraded habitats

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Agreement signed by 145 countries.

Controls trade in endangered species and any product from them, such as furs, skins and ivory.

It has appendices which listendangered species according to set criteria.

Species don’t always benefit from this organization as when a product becomes illegal, then practice to obtain this product rises.

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World Wide Fund for Nature- WWF

Largest international non-governmental organisation.
Mission statement is ‘to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature’.
Campaigning group for wildlife conservation.
 Funds conservation projects.
 Publicizes environmental issues.
Campaigns to save ecosystems.


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Restoring degraded habitats

Conservation involves restoring areas that have been degraded by human activity or by natural catastrophes.
Small scale e.g. is when a farmer decides to plant trees on land that is no longer needed or has become degraded by overuse.
e.g 1. after centuries of deforestation, soil erosion andsevere land degradation in Haiti, efforts are made torestore forests. About 70% of the countries land isunsuitable for agriculture. There are numerous tree planting projects to rescue the agriculture.
 e.g 2Eden project, UK:
Reclamation project.
Educates people in biodiversity and the need for conservation.


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