Internal Migration in Brazil

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Push Factors

In the North

-amazon rainforest

-logging and cattle ranching industries

-last 15 years the rain has become less predictable

-malaria is a problem

-worst drought in 50 years in 2013 - 30% of sugar cane gone

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Pull Factors

South East

-higher wages and more reliable jobs

-government provide land with water + sewage + electricity

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Ageing population + loss of cultural traditions + agricultural knowledge so food productioin my suffer.

South East

In Rio only 67% of people have sanitation.

Favellas are unstable - in 2010 250 people died in a mudslide.

 high crime rate - in Rio the murder rate is 40/100k

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Investing in water and water treatment works

Aim to make electricity available to all by 2020

Bolsa Familia scheme provides grants for childrens healthcare and school

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