Internal divisons- Baldwin IV

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consequent factionalism

Pass through half sister 

Isabella was legitimate 

sibylla was the daughter of an immoral marriage 

traditionalally the doves 

head: Raymond III of Tripoli 

Wanted Baldwins half sister, Isabella, to follow him as queen 

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Baldwins Leprosy

With Baldwin being a leper it meant that he died without an heir. 

When his disease eventually killed him it created a succession crisis of who was to follow him. 

the Hawks vs the Doves

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Consequent factionalism

Pass through Bladwins sister 

Sibylla aldready had a son 

Isabella was an only child 

Traditionally the Hawks 

Head: Agnes of Courtenay 

Wanted Baldwins nephew, Baldwin, to follow as king 

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Sibyllas marriage to Guy

had been married to William of Montferrat, had a son (baldwin) but William died in 1176

pressure for her to find a new husband 

Baldwin IV would die soon

Needed a step father to act as regent 

Baldwin chose Guy de lusignan opposed to Bohemmond IIIs suggestion of Baldwin of Ibelin 

Guy was a newcomer 

Angered Raymond III - the real divisions began 

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