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Why do some US citizens have higher living standards than others?


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¶ some people do not have the same level of opportunities as others

¶ some people are not able to get high quality education

¶ some people may suffer from prejudice and suffer discrimination

¶ some areas are richer than others and offer better levels of employment and higher pay

¶ working hard does not guarantee successful business or high pay

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Why are Black and Hispanic citizens less likely to achieve social and economic success?


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Many Blacks and Hispanics live in run-down, inner city areas (the ghetto). Problems found in the Ghetto include...

Poor health e.g. higher infant mortality almost half of whites and lower life expectancy

¶ higher levels of crime

¶ higher unemployment

¶ higher levels of problem drug use

¶ poor levels of educational attainment (fewer people get qualifications)

¶ greater poverty

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How Can US citizens participate in elections?


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¶ They can vote in elections to the Federal Government

¶ Federal controls - national and international affairs

¶ elected to Congress - political candidates

¶ Congress is US equivalent of the UK Westminister parliment

¶ Congress made up of - 100 senators

¶ House of Representatives - 435 congressmen/women

¶ They can vote for the President this is a separate vote from the Congress so that the President can come from a different party than that of the house majority

¶ They can vote in State elections, to elect a State Governor, Senate and house of representatives, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Governor of California

¶ They can vote in Local elections for example Sheriff or even dog catcher

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Why is the participation of US voters low?


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¶ there are so many elections it can put people off

¶ citizens have to register before they can vote and some don't bother

¶ the voting paper can be complicated and difficult to complete

¶ some voters do not see much difference between the parties and therefore don't see the point

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Apart from participating in elections, how else can US citizens influence their government?


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¶ join interest groups e.g. National Rifle Association (NRA), which is a pro gun ownership organisation

¶ writing letters

¶ lobbying politicians

¶ petitions

¶ demonstrating and advertising their cause

¶ join political parties e.g. Republicans and Democrats

¶ hand out leaflets and attend rallies to get candidates name and party recognised

¶ standing as candidate this can be at local, state or national level

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