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integrating quotations

For A - A* you need to integrate your quotations, as this makes it more "flowy" and easier to read.

For example, here is a point you may make about What Were They Like? by Denise Levertov:

The poet describes the loss of culture through the Napalm bombings during the Vietnam war.


Metaphors - "after the children were killed there were no more buds)"

Here you would take parts of the quotation, and INTEGRATE it into your sentence, for example:

The poet describes the loss of culture through metaphors, to describe that after the Napalm bombings "the children were killed" and "there were no more buds)". The metaphorical use of buds could represent the tranformation of buds into flowers, and with "no more buds" there is no continuation of culture.

Simples :)

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very useful,  but that "simples" at the end is so sad its unbelievable 

Ali Saleh


excellent 5 stars but am going to have to agree with Diamanti

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