intellectual development



  • piaget's operational stage fouses on what children are unable to do 
  • abilities children have not yet develop 
  • at nursery prepieratinal state which is parallel play so children play alongside each other 
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criticisms of Piaget's theory

  • theory based on small group of children 
  • he overthinked the children's cogitive abilites
  • burner, disagrees with piaget and argues that children develop at a higher speed on encouragement they get.
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chomsky- model of language acquisition

  • Chomsky believed that the ability to develop a signed or spoken language is genes which will have the ability to understand and use language.
  • becomes fluent in their first language at 5 or 6
  • which this is a maturation process 
  • chomsky states that we are born with LAD which encourages children to develop languages 
  • and looks at the same way that children learn to stand or work 
  • chomsky applied his theory to all languages 
  • he noted if adults around children use correct grammar or even correct a child will help.
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Criticisms of Chomsky

  • lacks scientific evidence 
  • bruner, suggests social interaction in the ealry stages if critical.
  • chomsky didn't take into account delayed language development.
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Effects of age on function of memory

  • memory loss with age 
  • brain can produce new brain cells 
  • exercise can have inpact on brain development 
  • it might take an older person longer to learn and recall information which is often with memory loss 
  • age related memory lapses can be frustrating but not dementia 
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