Instructional Models

An instructional model: is a systematic guide for planning instruction or a lesson. 

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The Assure Model

Assure Model: procedural guide for planning and delivering instruction that integrates technologies and mdeia into teaching process. 

Analyze the Learner

State the objectives: clear objectives help determine and focus the purpose of the lesson. 

Select methods, media and material: decide on the method of instruction, choose appropriate media format, select, modify, update or design materials for the lesson. 

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Assure Model Continued

Utilize Methods: Questions

What equipment, software or devices are required to use the software?

Do you need to reserve extra equip ment you might not have in your classroom?

How do you prepare your classroom to use the equipment?

How do you prepapre the students to use the media and materials?

Do you need to schedule a computer lab?

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Assure Model Continued

Require Learner participation:Ask the learner to complete activities that build mastery towards the learning objectives.

Evaluate and Revise: 

Evaluation- method of apraising or determinging the significance or worth of an item, action, or outcome. Th evaluation process includes assessing the learning objectives, reviewing, critiquing the learners work or works based on specific standards, and evaluating reviews of the media and materials used. 

Reflection- thinkning back on components of the teaching and learnign process and determinging th eeffectiveness of the learnign objectives and the use of technology. 

Questions to ask during hte evaluation period-were the learnign objectives met using the technology?

Can students work cooperatively with a partner on this lesson?

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