Institutional Care

Here are some studies on children put in to institutional care and the effects it had on them.

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1) What was the Hodges and Tizard study?

2) What was the problem with this study?

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1) H & T followed 65 British children from early life to adolescence. The children had been placed in an institution when they were less than 4 months old. In these institutions, there were strict rules stating that carers must not form attachments with the kids. An early study of the children found that 70% were described as not able 'to care deeply for anyone'. The kids were regularly assessed to 16 years old. Some stayed in care, but most either got adopted or returned to their original families. The 'restored' children were less likely to form attachments with their mothers, but the adopted children had close attachments with mothers. Both sets had problems forming relationships with peers and were often bullied.

2) It is only involving British children, so the results might not be the same for other cultures.

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1) What was the Rutter et al. study?

2) What was wrong with this study?

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wheres the answer to the rutter study?

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