Inspector Calls GCSE Theme Quotations

inspector calls gcse revision theme quotation cards

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''that a man has to mind his own buisness and look after himself and his own'


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Mr Birling says this just before the inspector arrives. It shows that Mr Birling does not feel that he should have any responsibility for anybody else in the world apart from himself and family

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''This isn't the time to pretend that Eric isn't use to drink''


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Sheila says this. It shows that Eric's lack of responisibilty as he drinks to much. Also his drinking problem leads him to getting Eva Smith/Daisy Renton pregnant.

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''about fifty pounds''

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This shows Eric has a little bit of responsibility as he tried to help Eva Smith and he didn't just leave her.

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Social Inequality

''feels you might of done better for yourself socially''


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this shows that there is a social inequality between the Crofts and Birlings as the Crofts are slightly higher than the Birlings. It shows how people look down at other classes

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Social Inequalities


''Girls of that class''

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this shows the inequality between Mrs Birling and Eva Smith. It shows she thinks people of that class should be treated differently

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Social Inequality


''If they didn't get rid of that girl I'd never go near the place''

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this shows that Sheila uses her power to get what she wants and she doesn't think of the consequences.

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''and naturally that was one of the things that prejudice me against her case''

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this shows Mrs Birling was prejudice against Eva Smiths case as she used her name, which caused her to make sure Eva Smith didn't get any help.

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''She was very pretty girl too''

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this shows that Sheila was prejudice against Eva Smith because she was prettier than her, this caused her to use her power to fire Eva Smith

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Family Life

''He's only a boy''

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this shows that Mrs Birling still treats her children like they are still young when they are grown adults.

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Family Life

''Yes but don't you see''

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this shows that Mrs Birling does not understand her daughter very well so therefore does not listen to her when Sheila is trying to warn her abou the inspector. It shows they don't  have a good relationship

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Family Life


''And Eric's one of them''

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this shows that none of the family no what is going on in each others lives. There are a lot of secrets. Mr and Mrs Birling did not know there son drinks a lot or that he got Eva Smith pregnant or that he was stealing money. It shows the family doesn't really function very well which is suprising because at the beginning they looked like a normal family sitting down for a nice party

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Family Life

''because your not the kind of father a chap can go to when he's in trouble''

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this shows that Eric and Mr Birlings relationship isn't very good as Eric does not feel that he can talk to his father

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''I'm sorry Sheila but it was all over and done with last summer''

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this shows that Gerald lied to Sheila when he said he was busy working last summer.

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''that man wasn't a real police officer''


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this shows that the inspectore was lieing to the Birlings and Gerlad of the way through the play

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this is really great but it would be even better if you could put who is saying the quotes for every one of them? that would make this a 5 star in my opinion

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