Inspector Calls

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Stage Directions


 - reflects the mood of the play

 -  "pink and intermate" - creates a relaxed and calm atmoshpere, representing the mood of the charatcers - an engagement of Shleia and Gerald

 - "brighter and harder" - when inspector arrives, more hosile, lighting changes and so the mood changes

 - Represents reality

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 - expensive, reflects family's wealth and social position

 - more for show, not comfort or cosiness

 - typical upper class, lack of family relationships

 - "good solid furniture"

 - solid - no feelings or emotion, not caring about anyone else like Mr B

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Subtle Hints

 -There are subtle hints that not is all as it seems.

 -For example, early on we wonder whether the happy atmosphere is slightly forced.

 -Sheila wonders where Gerald was last summer, Eric is nervous about something,

 -Lord and Lady Croft did not attend the engagement dinner. This arouses interest in the audience - we want to find out what is going on

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Dramatic Irony

 - Prieslty introduces dramatic irony in Mr B's speech

 - as the audience we know how wrong he is, the Titanic does sink, there are two world wars etc. 

 - we doubt Mr B and from the beginning we can see that he is not a clever and is usually wrong 

 - also puts us at an advantage over the characters and makes us feel more involved.

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Key points

- inspector could represent time

 - is in control the whole time and is an inescapable precesence

 - all the characters are waiting their turn to confess, like they are being judged by God

 - cant escape their fate, have to face it

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Ending / timing

 - Inspector arrives just after Mr B's speech

 - also the ending is on a cliffhanger

 - adds to the overall drama and effect

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