Inspector Calls Character and Theme Quotes

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Inspector Goole

  • 'Massiveness, solidity and purposefullness' 
  • 'One line of enquiry at a time' 
  • 'Burnt her inside out' 
  • 'Fire and blood and anguish'
  • 'It's better to ask for the earth than to take it' 
  • (Cutting in,with authority) 
  • 'I'm waiting to do my duty'
  • 'We are members of one body' 
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Mr Birling

  • 'Heavy-looking, rather pretentious man' 
  • 'Hard-headed practical man of business' 
  • 'I say there isn't a chance of war'
  • 'I gather there's a very good chance of knighthood' 
  • 'I was alderman for years-and Lord Mayor' 
  • 'there's every excuse for what your mother and I did'
  • 'Wretched girl's suicide' 
  • 'A man has to make his own way'
  • 'I can't accept any responsibility'
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Mrs Birling

  • (a rather cold woman)
  • (her husband's social superior)
  • 'You're not the type- you don't get drunk' 
  • 'Girls of that class'
  • 'As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money'
  • 'I've done nothing wrong- and you know it'
  • 'She had only herself to blame'
  • 'he certainly didn't make me confess'
  • 'I don't beleive it. I won't believe it' 
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  • 'is it the one you wanted me to have'
  • 'Pleased with life'
  • 'Squiffy' / 'Yes, go on mummy'
  • 'Run along.' - Mr Birling 
  • 'But these girls aren't cheap labour-they're people'
  • 'Why you fool-he knows'
  • 'It frightens me the way you talk' 
  • 'You musn't try to build a kind of wall' 
  • 'And if i could help her now, I would' 
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  • (not quite at ease, half shy, half assertive)
  • 'Why shouldn't they try for higher wages?' 
  • 'I was in that state when a chap easily turns nasty'
  • 'Women are potty about them' 
  • 'you killed them both-damn you,damn you'
  • 'you're not the kind of father a chap could go to' 
  • 'Your trouble is-you've been spoilt'
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  • (An attractive chap about thirty)
  • 'Why should you (stay)? It's bound to be unpleasant and disturbing' 
  • 'Women of the town'
  • 'gave me a glance nothing less than a cry for help'
  • 'Nearly any man would have done'
  • 'therefore no proof it was the same girl'
  • 'I became at once the most important person in her life'
  • 'Everything's alright now Sheila.What about this ring?'
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Eva Smith

  • 'died, after several hours of agony' 
  • 'Very pretty girl'
  • 'She was giving herself ridiculous airs'
  • 'She didn't want me to marry her'
  • 'as if she was an animal,a thing, not a person'
  • 'Intensely grateful'
  • 'the girl'
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  • 'Yes m'am' 
  • 'Edna'll go. I asked to wait up to make us some tea'
  • 'All right Edna. Show him in here' 
  • 'Edna'll answer it'
  • (Edna exits)
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  • 'I ought to warn you that he's an old friend of mine'
  • 'As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money'
  • (Her husband's social superior)
  • 'If you don't come down sharply on these people they'll soon be asking for the earth'
  • 'Girls of that class'
  • 'Claiming elaborate fine feelings...simply absurd with a girl in her position' 
  • 'disgusting affair' 
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Gender Roles

  • “Is it the one you wanted me to have?” 
  • “settle it sensibly for you [Sheila]”
  • “ But these girls aren’t cheap labour-they’re people.”
  • “pretty?”
  •  Now I really feel engaged.”
  • “several hundred young women”
  • 'When you're married you'll realise' 
  • 'you'll have to get used to it, just as I did'
  • 'In a state when a chap easily gets nasty' 
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Social Responsibility

  • will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish."
  • "But I accept no blame for it at all'
  • "A man has to make his own way - has to look after himself - and his family too" 
  • "The fact remains that I did what I did"
  • 'We are responsible for each other." 
  • 'you don't seem to have learnt anything'
  • 'Public men have responsibilities as well as priviliges'
  • 'I suppose we're all nice people now' 
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Old vs Young

  • 'You hysterical young fool- get back- or i'll-'
  • 'It frightens me the way you talk'
  • 'famous younger generation who know it all' 
  • 'Nothing to do with you Sheila, run along'
  • 'Take my word for it you youngsters' 
  •  ‘Eric, I’m absolutely ashamed of you.’ 
  • "Just let me finish, Eric. You've a lot to learn"
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