Inside Living Cells

Inside Living Cells Key Words

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DNA Bases

Adenine: Pairs with Thymine and is part of the genetic code

Cytosine: Pairs with Guanine and is part of the genetic code

Guanine: Pairs with Cytosine and is part of the genetic code

Thymine: Pairs with Adenine and is part of the genetic code

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A-B Key Words

Aerobic: In the presence of oxygen. Aerobic respiration uses oxygen to release energy and produce carbon dioxide and water.

Amino Acid: A molecule containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur. Amino acids link to make proteins.

Anaerobic: In the absence of oxygen. Anaerobic respiration is the incomplete breakdown of gluose to release a small amount of energy.

Bases: The four basic units of the genetic code.

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C Key Words

Capillary:The smallest of the bodys blood vessels. Red blood cells have to squeeze through it in single file.

Coding: Instructions for assembling amino acids to build proteins.

Cramp: A muscular pain caused when muslces are over worked latic acid builds up. They cannot work until the latic acid is removed.

Cultivated: Growing and nurturing an organism.

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