Inner City Changes 2012 Olympics

Case study for inner city changes/ development.

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25,000 new homes in Canary Warf.

Lacking of affordable housing.

1 in 4 houses overcrowded.

High % of 1 parent families.

New housing complex.

Olympic Village means housing estate demolished.

Difficult to get social housing.

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Royal Docks- thriving industry.

East London was manafacturing capital.

Highest levels of unemployment.

2nd Poorest Burrow.

No access to training or education for well paid jobs.

Hi-tech offices and New Construction College.

Use of Eurostar modified.

Well internet connected.

Thousands of jobs went to people elsewhere

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Cheap land.

Toxic waste dumped.

Polluted Sites.

Regenerated Brown sites for more land.

Aquatic Centre, Velodrome, Stadium, BMX and Media Centre.

A lot of open space.

Electricity Cables buried to make the park look better.

Games should be more sustainable.


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Freya Massingham


please could you expand and say which is an advantage of the Olympics and why a brown field was used? thnks x  

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