Injuries, Prevention and Treatment In Dance

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Types Of Injuries


  • Breaks
  • Acute Fractures
  • Chronic Fractures


  • Torn
  • Pull


  • Torn (ligament or cartilage)
  • Slipped DIsc
  • Dislocation
  • Sprain (ligament or joint capsule)
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Prevention & Cure

  • Wear fitted clothes and shoes
  • Stay hydrated, Drink 2 hours before your claa/performace and take sips in class
  • If you feel pain dont dance through it
  • Concentrate on correct technique, loss of this you could do a wrong move and injure yourself
  • Know your own limits, dont push yourself too far/dont do what you know you can't do
  • Always complete a proper warm-up and cool-down, keeping your muscles warm(keep moving), cooling
  • Proper breathing, calm so no performance anxiety and stress as you'lll make mistakes
  • Cardiovascular fitness, make sure you are fit enough for physical demands of choreography as fatigue gives higher risk of injury
  • Balance, muscles that control balance stabilise joints protecting the ligaments
  • Muscle imbalances, stretch tight muscles and stengthen weak muscles
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  • P: protect, prevents any further injury from occuring
  • R: rest
  • I: ice, shrinks the blood vessels(decreases blood flow, bruising and swelling)
  • C: compression, limits swelling
  • E: elevate, prevents rushing blood(blood pressure)
  • D: diagnose, see a doctor(will give you righ treatment, healing asap)
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