Infrared Radiation

Infrared Radiation can be used to monitor radiation, Optical fibres use infrared to transmit data and infrared has many uses around the home.

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Infrared Radiation can be used to Monitor Temperat

 1) infrared radiation is also known as heat radiation. It's given out by all hot objects- and the hotter the object. the more infrared radiation it gives out.

2) This means infrared can be used to monitor temperatures. For example, heat loss through a house's uninsulated roof can be detected using infrared sensors.

3) Infrared is also detected by night- vision equiptment. The equiptment turns it into an electrical signal, which is displayed on a screen as a picture. The hotter an object is, the brighter it appears. Police and the military use this to spot baddies running away, like you've seen on Tv.

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Optical Fibres Use Infrared to Transmit Data

1) Optical fibres can carry data over long distances as pulses of infrared radiation, e.g. in telephone cables.

2) They work by bouncing waves off the sides of a thin inner core of glass or plastic. The wave enters one end of the fibre and is reflected repeatedly untill it emerges at the other end.

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Infrared Has Many Other uses Around the Home...

1) Infrared radiation can be used in cooking,e.g. in grills and toasters.

2) Remote controls transfer information to TVs and DVD players using infrared radiation.

3) Infrared can be used to transmit information between mobile phones or computors- but only over short distances.

4) Infrared sensors are used in security systems, e.g. burglar alarms and security lights. These sensors detect heat from an intruder's body.



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