Infrared Radiation

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Infrared Radiation

Hand/body would feel warmth if near something hot, they all transfer heat through infared radiation

Heat Transfer avaible through conduction,convection,radiation, evaportation, condensation (all of which require particles)

Infrared radiation properites

  • Heat
  • All objects (emit/give out/absorb)
  • Hotter objects> emit more
  • Electromagnetic waves (speed of light)
  • Differet coloured surfaces emmit differently
  • Different cooloured surfaces absorb differently
  • can detect with your skin but not your eyes
  • can detect with a special camera (thermogram)
  • No particles required
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Infrared Radiation 2


Camera which detects infared radiation (red/white = hot, blue/black = cool)


Darker objects absorb and emit heat better than lighter objects and will cool off more quickly

Dull/Matt objects absorb and emit heat better than shiny objects and will get cool/hot slower

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