information requirement


One-to-one interviews

what is involved

  • questions are prepared
  • make a appointment
  • giving questions to interviews in advance
  • carry out interview
  • write up interview in system analyst's report
  • claryfying ant points not understood
  • sumerising points in report

the inteview is had first with the manager to get an idea of the system, then with users to find everysay operational issues. from the interview the analyst can see what the people want in a new system, whaat problems they want to be solved, what reports are needed. these can be time consuming and a few have to be done, however how things work and what people want can quickly be obtained quickly, questions can be asked depending on previous interviews nd any confusion can be cleared for the interviewee

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group interview

theses are less time consuming then 1 to1 interviews. the problems, method and operations can be discussed. the analyst must found out whats wrong with the system without upsetting the workers asthis new system may cause redundancies. it is also people to dominate the interview so others opinions do not get a voice.

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Collecting documents

this gains information about how current system works by obtaining examples documents which are used. this shows the name of data and examples of it, which allows the analyst to make up questions. 

  • where does the data originate
  • how is it constructed
  • if there are any synonyms for a data
  • are there ranges for data
  • what happens to data on a document
  • who uses it
  • who and when is the data removed by

by collecting data the analyst can make a data dictionary

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people can forget to mention things in interviews. analysts can observe how people use the current system or how employees do their jobs. yet if people notice someone is there they may behave differently.

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these can be used to get specific answers for questions by a large number of people, this can be done quickly without alot of resources. however, good questions can be hard to make and its possible for people to not return them. 

people can also interview people using questionaires , this way if someone doesnt understand a question it can be explained to them.

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Letters, email and phone

  • phones can be used to talk to people without travel time
  • when using a phone the person must be able to make notes
  • emails are like letters but unlike letters not everyone has email addresses or they may not be able to use it 
  • the answers of  these tend to be in written form
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