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Information Systems

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Unit 3A - Applied Multimedia


Project Brief

  • an outline of the application that is required
  • the document should list all the requirements for the type of multimedia application that is to be designed
  • only gives a rough outline of the content of the desired application
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Requirements Specification

  • all aspects of detail must be described before implementing can be attempted otherwise there will be major faults in the design stage- this is why a requirements spec is required
  • it is a formal document which forms the basis of a legally binding contract between the client and developer. It must provide a clear understanding for both parties exactly what is required from the MM application and must contain all necessary and relevant details.

It should cover the following aspects:

  • purpose
  • user/audience
  • content
  • hardware and software requirements
  • budget
  • timescale
  • delivery media
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Purpose, User/Audience, Content


  • the project's aims and objectives what the client wants the application to say and its content


  • easy to understand for the age group/level of expertise
  • age group/ location/ level of education/ accessability/ expertise with computers


  • engaging - should interest the user
  • user interface should be friendly & easy to navigate
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Hardware and Software Requirements, Budget, Timesc

Hardware and Software Req.

  • the developed product must be able to run on the user's system
  • OS & version/ RAM/ CD~DVD-ROM/ audio playback/ CPU/ videocard/ resolution


  • how much is to be paid
  • is payment conditional (on completion by a certain date)
  • is there a clear end date
  • does it need to be operational by a certain time
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Delivery Media (CD-ROM & DVD-ROM)


  • optical storage device that supports many data types
  • approx 700 MB of storage capacity
  • disk is split into tracks and sectors for referencing data locations
  • random/direct access


  • similar to a CD-ROM: holds many data types, referenced with tracks and sectors, direct access
  • 4.7GB storage capacity
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Delivery Media (Kiosk & WWW)


  • found in public information points (museum, bank, train station, cinema)
  • stand alone computers
  • hard wearing and robust as security is an issue
  • must be v. user friendly (possibly bi-lingual)
  • access is controlled by a chip card or magnetic band


  • global network of computers that can share and recieve files
  • uses HTTP and HTML technologies, web servers & browsers
  • cross platform enviroment
  • HTML can display text, graphics, sound and video
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Delivery Media (Mobile Communications & Hybrid)

Mobile Comms

  • WAP enabled devices can send and recieve MM data
  • 3G phones can provide WAP and video calling at broadband speeds


  • integrates two or more media to create a hybrid system that has the benefits of both
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