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Different organiastion have different information needs

Organisations- any group of people who have a common interest (charities or public sector)

Depends on businesses:

  • Purpose
  • Scale
  • Size
  • Function
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Different activities within an organisation have different information needs

the different department will require the use of different software to ensure they are operating efficiently and effectively, e.g. payroll system calculates salaries and wages in the finance department.

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Different levels of task have different information needs

(Levels of task wtin organisation image)

Types of decision:

operational= structured, Tactical= semi-structured, Strategic= unstructured


Operational= short term, tactical= medium term, strategic= long term

Degree of detail needed:

Operational= detailed, Tactical= some summary, strategic= summarised

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Different personanel have different information needs


They will need to know what the business want to order from the supplier, materials and payment method. a small business might go though the suppliers web site whilst a big business might allow the supplier to use the extrant with limited access.


  • Website FAQs
  • E-mail
  • Internet chat

Official and legal bodies:

Inland Revenue, HM Revenue and Customs, DVLA are used by businesses to work legally through Directgov portal.

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Exchange of information with external bodies

the organisation has to ensure it complies with:

  • privacy
  • security
  • legal requirements

an e-commerce site has to protect the financial details of its customers, by encrypted data and not storing customer details.

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