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Influence of Attachment Research: Outline

Improving Quality of Day Care 
The potential negative effects may be countered by recognising the role of day care workers as attahmnet figures. The Soho family Centre in London bases its day care programme on attachment theory. Each carer is assigned a maxiumum of three children and is paried with another carere who can step in if need be, thus ensuring close and consistent emotional relationships. 

Institutional Care 
Attachment Research recommends the provision of substitute emotional care to counter the effects of pysical seperation. 

Late adoptions used to be encouraged so the infants biological mother had time to nurse the baby but then the sensistive period for attachment had passed by the time an adoptions was made. Today, most babies are adopted within the first week of birth and research shows that adoptive mothers and children are just as securely attached as non-adoptive families. 

Improving the Quality of Parenting 
Parents who had poor attachment experienes themselves may need assistance to learn parenting skills. The 'Circle of Security' Programme teaches caregivers to respond more sensitivly.

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Influence of Attachment Research: Evaluation

Improving the Quality of Day Care 
Supported by Bowlby's theory and the importance of secondary attachment figures. 

Institutional Care 
Supported by Robertson adn Robertson who showed that negative effects of disription could be avoided with substitue emotional care. 

Supported by Hodeges and Tizard wh oshowed that failure to form attachment can have lon-term conqwquences.

Improving the Quality of Parenting
Research by Quinton showed that poor parenting may be related to parents own childhood experiences. 

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Influence of Day Care Research: Outline

Importance of High Quality Day Care
Low quality care is associated with negative effects. High-Quality care is associated with benefits from day care. sensitive care is an important ingredient. 

Good Staff-to-Child Ratio
The NICHD study found that its day care staff could only provide sensitive care if ther ratios were as low as 1:3 

Minimal Staff Turnover 
When staff come and go children may either fail to form attachments to them or if they have formed an attachment they suffer the anxiety associated with disruption of attacment when the staff leave. 

Qualified and Experienced Staff 
Sylva found that qulaity was associated with the qualification levels of the day care staff.

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Influence of Day Care Research: Evaluation

Importance of High-Quality Day Care
Supported by both Bowlby and Ainsworth who suggested that sensitivity of care was important for health, scure attachments. The factors listen above have all been shown to produce high qulity sensitive care. 

Problems Associated With Day Care
May be due to low-quality care. The NICHD Study fouond that about 23% of infant day care prodivers gave 'highly' sensitive infant care wheras 20% were 'emotionally detached' from the infants under their care. 

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