Infant baptism


Infant baptism

Infant baptism included the use of blessed water and combined with the use of the Trinitarian formula. Roman Catholic and Anglicans use a font, which means pouring the water over the baby's head three times. However, the Orthodox Church fully immerse the baby in the font.

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What does the water symbolize ? and other features

The use of water symbolizes washing away original sin and spiritual rebirth. Other features found may be:

  • Bible Readings and prayers
  • Promises by the parents and godparents to reject all evil and help the child follow Christian faith
  • Making a cross sign on the forehead to show the child is called to fight against all that's wrong and to remain faithful.
  • Clothing the newly baptized child in white robes
  • Rub two oils at different points as a sign of receiving strength to fight evil and of salvation
  • The lighting of a candle, often from the Paschal (Easter) candle, as a sign that they have received the light of the world ( Jesus)
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Support for infant baptism

  • It is in line with Baptism of the whole household in the early church (Acts 16:14-15)
  • It is natural for Christian parents to want to bring up their child in the same religion.
  • The child receives the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit to develop
  •  It enables the child to receive other sacraments
  • If a newborn is unlikely to survive, it comforts the parents knowing they are a part of the Christian family before they die.
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