Inequalities within a country - China FLASHCARDS NEEDED

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Inequalities in China


China inequalities hugely evident in the westernised and progressive coastal regions versus the backwards interior


Low population growth in urban areas, therefore, large families in urban regions


  • Deserts & arid on interior
  • Resource predominantly found in East
  • Coastline & rivers generally favoured


  • Wealthy males v poor females
  • 91% are ethnic Han but there are 55 non-Han groups which make up 100 million people
  • Rich v Poor - 204 million people live on less than $1.25 a day
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Inequalities in China


  • 5% of all China's GDP made in Shangai
  • 85% of foreign direct investment made in the East
  • Limited infrastructure in the interior


  • Non-democratic and not free market - huge control on where growth is centred

Related Model = Friedmann Model

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