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For  food tec GCSE

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Computerized Scales

these are more accurate so there is better consistency and quality of product. they can eigh within 0.05g, and cane be preset to weigh certain ingredients. they can be linked to a main computer so no more is added when weight is reached, and foods that are not the correct weight can be programmed to be rejected. workers monitor the main computer.

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Large Scale ovens

 Are computer controlled, so temperature and cooking time can be pre-programmed. ovens can be used to cook and dry products for preservation. there are four main types of oven:

  • Tunnel ovens: carry foods such as biscuits through the oven on a conveyor belt.
  • Deck oven: is used for batches of products like bread. often steam is used as well as dry heat to add moisture to the product.
  • Convection ovens surround the product with heat
  • Travel ovens are like tunnel ovens, but work on a larger scale.
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Depositors are linked to a main computer. a measured amount is deposited each time. the filling can be aerated, semi-solid, viscous or liquid, and a variety of shapes and sizes of nozzles can be used.

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Slices and cuts foods evenly

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Separeates liquid and solid

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hi laura when r u doing the food tech exam



Hi done it on the 4th of may :) 

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