Industrial Awareness on scale of production

Cards on Industrial Awareness on scale of production for AQA GCSE Resistant Materials

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Jobbing Production

  • = a one-off product
  • very labour intensive
  • a lot of time to do
  • needs to be highly skilled
  • = expensivee way to make things
  • but can be more sentimental for someone
  • no-one else will have the same as you
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Batch Production

  • make a specific quantitty of a product - called a batch
  • can be repeated as many times as necessary
  • you do one process oin the whole batch (e.g. cutting out)
  • then another process (e.g. painting the parts)
  • so it's quicker than making one-off products over and over again
  • used to manufacture load of one product (eg sofas) then change to a similar product (ie armchairs)
  • machinery + labour need to be flexible
  • down time = time between batches when machines are changed for next product
  • ^ wastes money, because not making to sell
  • could also mean backlog of 1/2 made products - waiting for slowest process (eg paint drying)
  • = not as efficient as mass production
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Mass Production

  • making lots of the same product
  • the dif stages of production + manufacture, broken down into simple repetitive tasks = easy to learn
  • production - on a assembly line - moves for each stage
  • each worker only does small part of process
  • often uses CAM + expensive specialised equipment
  • recruitment is relatively easy - don't need to be highly skilled
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Continuous Production

  • making non-stop
  • highly automated
  • expensive machines run all day 24 hours
  • ^ would be too expensive to keep stopping + restarting
  • make huge amounts of 1 thing
  • very effcient
  • great for making bulk amounts of materials
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